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  • How to make a reservation?

    There are three steps to book Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou online:

    ⇒ 1. Room type choosing, booking dates choosing(In the page of Book Online)

    ⇒ 2. Fill out your contact information.

    ⇒ 3. Confirm the booking information, submit your booking(sometime you will be required prepay or guarantee your reservatoin).

    There are three steps to book Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou offline

    ⇒ 1. Click here to download Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou guarantee booking form

    ⇒ 2. Fill out the form.

    ⇒ 3. Fax or email the form to us

    You would also book Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou via email:


    How to pay us?

    1. Offer guarantee by credit card (only guarantee, no charge), pay all room charge in front desk.
    2. Prepay one night's highest room charge, and pay the rest of room charge in the front desk:

    ⇒By credit card.

    ⇒By telegraphic transfer(T/T).

    ⇒By Western Union.

    3. Prepay all room charge in advance:

    ⇒By credit card.

    ⇒By PAYPAL.

    ⇒By telegraphic transfer(T/T).

    ⇒By Western Union.    Fax: +86-20-62614116     Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou